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Building a Strong Foundation

This is a letter of HOPE.......not sadness.


It's the tragedies that wipe us out financially.  Tragedies, illness, and death can mean loss of income,

loss of jobs and can cost tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket.


I have seen so many families needlessly suffer through financial hardship that was preventable.


Retirement incomes disappear, homes lost,  families separate, children can be split up or become

wards of the state...


Up to 50% of foreclosures and bankruptcies are related to medical issues.  

The majority of us have some form of health insurance -so why, are the statistics this high?  

Because health insurance offsets the costs, yet many things are not covered completely.  People often

underestimate the costs of medical expenses, long term care and what can and does happen. Everything

we work so hard to build can fall apart because they didn't build in the protection that can offset the disasters

in our lives.


As scary as this is, there is Hope!


You design how you would want your future to be....for your and your loved ones.





    Protection:  offsets devastation for: Disability, Critical Illness, Death

    Retirement: Money to live on when we can no longer work - electively or due to a disability


Illness / Death:

What happens to us or loved ones when we become ill or pass away - what does their future or retirement

look like - are they wiped out? Have we passed on bills, can the family carry on with some dignity? or will

they rely on government aid? What is the degree of lifestyle change? We will need money for these times.




Whether we electively at a given age or forced to retire due to a disability - we will need money to live on

that we can count on to be therewhen we need it most. So many people have the majority of the money

in risky programs that can lose money. This is fine if they can afford to lose money - but not for the money

that needs to be there we do count on. Factor in unexpected events such as illness / death / unemployment

then we are living too on the edge.  This is how people can get WIPED OUT!


So many people enter their retirement years living on meager income.

                          Safety should come before Risk: Everytime!


Insurance Builds a Strong Foundation of Protection!

It shouldn't be treated as an optional last thing maybe when we get to it one day...being proactive

is what protects.


Most people don’t save enough as it is!!! Much less to take care of tragic health issues that wipe

people out!!!   Remember too, that people who have lots of money today are not spared from being

wiped out.


Life Protection can also mean financial recovery so others can have money to live on..


It can be painful sometimes to review or discuss, yet fulfilling to know you have taken proactive

measures where you have some control over your life instead of life happening to you!


Life insurance companies is more that just life insurance - it means a future with many ways

to help people design their future!



         Life insurance is the one thing that people can count on

                          to be there when they need it most!





** Underwriting guidelines, qualifications and restrictions may apply.  Not all programs are available in all states. 
Seek a tax specialist, attorneys or specialists for tax & legal,, estate planning etc advice. ** quick


North and South America ... Females have an average life expectancy of 79.5 years, up 0.1 years. Women can still expect to live longer than men on average,

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