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Emergency Response System


 This is a special system for our active clients.*


 Adding people who are close to you that you know and
 trust to contact us in the case of an emergency will allow
 us to help expedite and maximize benefits you are due. 
 Often there is a delay in paid benefits because we are ill
 or have passed, and our loved ones don't know what they


We also have special FREE services to assist with final plans. 


Please add families, neighbor, ministers etc who would be the closest to you to notify us
in the event of an illness or death of a loved one. We are happy to help others with their


Special TipMake sure to keep your policies together in a safe place.   
Add Your Emergency Contact in Form Below








* The emergency response system is for our active clients.  It is a service to assist where we can.
 Policies have to be maintained and in force to receive the benefits as when you first obtained your policy. 
 The database is a service without guarantees and has to be updated by the clients. 


Please contact people on your list to let them know they have been added - we will send a special letter
to store our emergency contact information to help exedite benefits that may be due to them and asist
with the process during a stressful time.  Contact in this event of a severe critical illness such as a
stroke, heart attack, terminal illness - cancer etc - there may be benefits  you cold qualify for in your
policy that could assist financially.


We have a special system in place to assist in time of need to see what benefits available to the active clients.
If you have policies with other companies, then can assist but not responsible.  This list is not sold or shared
with other companies or vendors. 


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